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Health Insurance 101

What is Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading?
Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) Loading is a Federal Government initiative designed to encourage more Aussies to take up private health insurance at a younger age and continue to maintain it long term.
Do I have to serve waiting periods if I switch health insurance covers?
Generally, if you’re switching to the equivalent health insurance cover, you don’t have to serve waiting periods. But, this is definitely not a one size fits all answer and you’ll need to confirm this with the new fund you’re thinking of switching to, which we can take care of for you.
What is the Australian Government Private Health Insurance Rebate?
The Australian Government rebate on private health insurance is an incentive for more Aussies to take up health cover. If eligible, the government rebate helps to reduce the costs of your insurance premiums when you lodge your tax claim.
Does my health insurance policy automatically provide ambulance cover?
The short answer is no, your health insurance policy may not always give you ambulance cover. Ambulance cover can get complicated depending on where you live and the concessions you’re entitled to. We team want to make understanding ambulance cover a whole lot easier, so we’ve put together this simple guide. This will help you navigate ambulance health cover and make sure you’re protected in the event you need to utilise this crucial service.
What is extras cover and can I save on medical expenses?
Extras cover, also referred to as general treatment or ancillary cover, is a great way to claim health care expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. If you’re unsure of the policy types and how you can benefit from extras, reading this guide will be very helpful.
What’s the main benefit of having hospital cover?
Private hospital cover helps cover the cost of your medical treatment and healthcare as a private patient in a hospital. This means, you’re covered for things like your hospital treatment and accommodation.
Do I need to take out hospital and extras cover?
The short answer is no, but most people do. Hospital and extras cover is often referred to as “combined cover”. People take it out because they like to be covered in case of an accident, or want choice if they require hospital treatment, as well as having support for their everyday health lifestyle.
How do I know if the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) is relevant to me?
The Medicare Levy Surcharge is a tax imposed by the Australian Federal Government designed to alleviate the pressure of the public healthcare system.
Which states in Australia have Private Health Cover?
All states – NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT - in Australia have different health insurers who provide private health cover. If you live in the market of NSW or any other part of Australia, it pays to understand who your local health insurer is as some of the benefits and third party arrangements can vary depending on where you live.
What is the difference between a private hospital and public hospital?
Private health insurance patients can avoid the long waits by being treated in private hospital, so you’re treated at a convenient time for you and you can choose who you’re treated by.
When will my health insurance premium increase?
Health insurance premium rate rises typically happen from the 1st of April each year. Some health funds increase their premiums more than others. The 2017 average premium percentage rate increase announced by the Federal Health Minister was 4.84%.